Liquid Is New Solid

Welcome to the Future

Itenna is about the development of a new type of antenna, liquid antennas, which are very different from the conventional ones.

As the Internet of Things (IoT) and 5G become more of a reality, there is a need to develop a new type of antenna which is small, transparent and has better reconfigurability than conventional metal antennas.

R&D Phase

The research outcome will lead to the creation of new knowledge and better understanding of liquid materials, their thermal and electromagnetic properties, and their applications in antennas (and radio systems in general) which will provide an attractive and novel alternative for us to make antennas and radio systems.

Ultimate goal being to make reconfigurable, small liquid antennas to work efficiently and effectively over a wide temperature, frequency and power range.

History of Wireless Systems

  The wireless communication systems have been tremendously evolved during the last few decades. Each time the systems nature was developed to improve its reliability, data rate, latency, speed etc. These evolutions were termed as mobile generations. An analog system called 1G was the first generation developed in 1981. This system based on a technology called advanced mobile phone service, and was purely focussed on telephone calls. 1G is the first most cellular mobile technology. Due to some drawbacks in 1G such as non-reliable handoff, non-roaming capability and poor vice links, new mobile generations appeared approximately every ten years. The mobile users also increased at a rapid speed as the wireless systems became more robust and reliable. With the passing of time a number of modifications keep on taking place and the wireless communication system has been evolved from the analog system (1G), duplex communication voice telephony (2G), multimedia communication systems (3G), Broadband IP network systems (4G), to a high data rate end to end connectivity (5G). Sufficient changes at the architecture level has been performed according to the needs, from the first generation until the fifth generation (5G) wireless networks. The 5G technology is on its way to create a universally connected world, with a broadband wireless communication and entertainment at a highly reliable wireless link.

Future of Antenna Design

   The next paradigm in the communication technologies is the internet of things (IOT) that tends to connect every communication device including sensors and smart tags. Many industrial IOT applications are appearing such as industrial lighting, smart agriculture and logistic control. Such kind of application needs to connect a huge number of devices to work different latency, power and small price, that could be possible only using internet of things. Internet of things provides sensing and remote controlling of objects that allows direct integration between physical and digital world resulting in accuracy and improved efficiency. Antenna is by far the most important thing in any IOT wireless communication and heart of every communication device is antenna. The traditional antennas however are not ideal for some applications. At some frequencies they can’t provide efficient reconfigurability and optimum performance. To overcome the limitations imposed by ordinary antennas a special class of antennas called liquid antennas must be used. These liquid antennas are compact in size and provides efficient reconfigurability and optimum performance for a wide range of environmental conditions.


Technical Developer

You will analyze requirements, propose solutions, conduct engineering analyses, manage research and 

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Research Software Engineering Intern

As a part of the Itenna Internship Program, you will have an opportunity to work on innovative, thought-

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Security Operations Manager (SecOps)

The SecOps Manager shall provide technical and management oversight to a team of Tier 2/Tier 3 SecOps

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Research Scientist

Apply your working knowledge and proficiencies, to the development of next generation RF power devices and

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Research Associate III

Deployment: Responsible for selection, choice, and design of broadband and multi/hyper-spectral imaging 

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R&D Co-op/Intern

Perform work under close mentor guidance including but not limited to Software, Development of embedded 

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